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合股德赢入口机双丝道生产单股丝的技术改造/Technical Transformation of Single Strand Filament Produced by Double-Threaded Machine

合股德赢入口机双丝道生产单股丝的技术改造/Technical Transformation of Single Strand Filament Produced by Double-Threaded Machine


因为普通的涤纶低弹丝加工后丝条上有一部分残余的扭矩,这些残余扭矩不能满足高端面料对布面平整的要求。为了消除这些残余扭矩达到无捻的效果。目前普遍的做法是使用一根S捻的丝条和一根Z捻的丝条合股 ,来对冲各自的残余扭矩。这就需要用到合股德赢入口机,它每个锭位有两个假捻器。分别生产S捻和Z捻的丝条,然后在二罗拉后经过网络喷嘴合股成一根丝。随着产业升级和高端纺织品的不断发展。合股德赢入口机也一度成为各大德赢app苹果版企业争相上马的对象。

Because the ordinary polyester low-elastic yarn has a part of residual torque on the thread after processing, these residual torques can not meet the requirements of high-end fabrics for flat surface. In order to eliminate these residual torques, the flawless effect is achieved. It is currently common practice to use a strand of S捻 and a strand of Z捻 to counter the residual torque. This requires the use of a plywood machine with two false twisters per spindle. The yarns of S捻 and Z捻 are separately produced, and then, after the two rollers, they are plied into a filament through a network nozzle. With the industrial upgrading and the continuous development of high-end textiles. The joint-stock machine has also become the object of competition among major chemical fiber companies.


但德赢app苹果版行业有明显的周期性和季节性,合股丝不能一直成为市场的宠儿。随着市场逐渐遇冷,合股丝供过于求的行情不断显现,这时如果将合股机改造成单股机,在合股丝行情低谷时生产市场需要的超细旦纤维,不仅可以保证合股机的开机率,更可大大提高产品的附加值。本文介绍了合股德赢入口机双丝道生产单股丝的技术改造 。

However, the chemical fiber industry has obvious cyclicality and seasonality, and the joint yarn cannot always become the darling of the market. As the market gradually becomes cold, the market for oversupply of the strands is constantly appearing. At this time, if the stock machine is transformed into a single-strand machine, the ultra-fine fiber required for the production market in the down market of the joint stock wire can not only guarantee the operating rate of the stock machine. , can greatly increase the added value of the product. This paper introduces the technical transformation of the single-strand yarn produced by the twin-wire machine of the joint-strength machine.


整理 | 纺织干货

Finishing | Textile dry goods


文 | 徐春建 王海峰 孙金宝

Wen | Xu Chunjian Wang Haifeng Sun Jinbao




设备及原料(Equipment and raw materials)


设备:ATF1500型德赢入口机。日本TMT机械株式会社生产 。原料 :56 dtex/36f 规格半 消光 POY,江苏盛虹科技股份有限公司生产 。

Equipment: ATF1500 type texturing machine. Produced by Japan TMT Machinery Co., Ltd. Raw materials: 56 dtex/36f size semi-extinction POY, produced by Jiangsu Shenghong Technology Co., Ltd.


合股德赢入口机工艺流程(Joint stocking machine process)


合股德赢入口机每个锭位由两根 POY同时喂入 ,在第一喂入罗拉和第二喂入罗拉之间每根 POY 有单独的丝路 ,从第二喂入罗拉后两根丝由网络喷嘴合股,形成合股丝直至卷绕成形 。其工艺流程见图1。

Each of the positions of the punctuation machine is fed by two POYs at the same time. There is a separate wire path for each POY between the first feeding roller and the second feeding roller, and the two wires are separated from the second feeding roller. The network nozzles are plied to form a plied yarn until the winding is formed. The process flow is shown in Figure 1.




实验思路(Experimental idea


从上述工艺流程可以看出,要在一个锭位 上生产出两锭DTY,就要将第二喂入罗拉后的两根丝条分开,形成各自单独的丝路,其中喂入罗拉和上油罗拉可以共用,见图 2。

It can be seen from the above process that to produce two DTYs on one spindle position, the two filaments after the second feeding roller are separated to form separate filament paths, in which the rollers are fed and oiled. Rolls can be shared, see Figure 2.




结果与讨论(Results and discussion


网络喷嘴的改造(Network nozzle modification


为了提高DTY的抱合性,需要通过网络喷嘴利用压缩空气对丝条吹上有规律的结点,生产合股丝时两根丝合用一个喷嘴,见图3a。由于喷嘴间的间隔较小,不能再装进一个喷嘴, 因此选择在原有管道的下方再增加一排管道的方式,并且交错位置,保证丝路顺畅,见图3b。

In order to improve the cohesiveness of the DTY, it is necessary to use a compressed air to blow a regular knot on the yarn through a network nozzle, and a nozzle is used for the two filaments when producing a twisted yarn, as shown in Fig. 3a. Since the interval between the nozzles is small, it is no longer possible to install a nozzle. Therefore, a method of adding a row of pipes under the original pipe is selected, and the positions are staggered to ensure a smooth silk path, as shown in Fig. 3b.



定型热箱的改造(Transformation of shaped hot box


ATF1500型德赢入口机的定型热箱采用联苯热箱管式加热 ,生产合股丝时一个锭位的两 根丝条进入一根热箱管 ,见图 4a。如果不进行改造,在定型热箱后再将两根丝条分开的难度非常大,所以要做到一根丝进入一根热箱管。

The shaped hot box of the ATF1500 type texturing machine is heated by biphenyl hot box tube. When the plied yarn is produced, two filaments of one spindle position enter a hot box tube, as shown in Figure 4a. If it is not modified, it is very difficult to separate the two wires after sizing the hot box, so a wire is required to enter a hot box tube.


ATF1500型德赢入口机相邻两个锭位的定型热箱管靠在一起的设计方式正好给增加热箱管留出了空间。定型热箱增加一倍的热箱管后 (见图4b),设定温度150℃时,实测锭位之间的温度偏差为0.5℃以内,完全满足工艺要求。

The design of the ATF1500 type texturing machine that is adjacent to the two hot-spot tubes of the two spindle positions just leaves room for the addition of the hot box tube. After the hot box is doubled (see Figure 4b), when the temperature is set to 150 °C, the temperature deviation between the measured spindle positions is within 0.5 °C, which fully meets the process requirements.



卷绕方式的改造(Transformation of winding method



如何实现在一个卷绕罗拉上同时卷两锭丝是本次技术改造的难点。因为增加纸管夹盘没有空间,所以选择纸管连接器将两根142.5mm的短纸管连接形成一根长纸管。为保证连接器在两根短纸管的中间,在连接器上设计了宽5mm的定位圈,这样两根短 纸管加定位圈的长度与单锭卷绕纸管长度290mm一致,见图5b。ATF1500型德赢入口机 采用单锭皮带式横动卷绕方式。可以在横动皮带上再加装一个横动导丝器,这样一个卷绕罗拉上就可以同时卷两锭丝卷。

How to realize the simultaneous winding of two spindles on one winding roller is the difficulty of this technical transformation. Since there is no space for adding the paper tube chuck, the paper tube connector is selected to connect two 142.5 mm short paper tubes to form a long paper tube. In order to ensure that the connector is in the middle of the two short paper tubes, a 5mm wide positioning ring is designed on the connector, so that the length of the two short paper tubes plus the positioning ring is the same as the length of the single-rolled paper tube 290mm, see Figure 5b . ATF1500 type texturing machine adopts single-spindle belt type traverse winding method. A traverse guide can be added to the traversing belt so that one winding roller can simultaneously roll two rolls.



改造后的产品质量(Product quality after transformation


将改造后生产的DTY产品(33dtex /36f规格)与使用单股机生产的同规格产品进行了对比,其物理指标见表1,从表1可以看出,合股机改造后生产的产品质量与单股机生产的基本一致表。

The DTY products (33dtex / 36f specifications) produced after the transformation are compared with the products of the same specifications produced by the single-strand machine. The physical indexes are shown in Table 1. As can be seen from Table 1, the quality of the products produced after the transformation of the machine is A basic consistent table for the production of single-strand machines.




结论(In conclusion



(1) The hardware transformation to convert the joint-stock machine into a single-unit is not a big investment. The difficulty is in the transformation of the winding method, and the equipment supplier is also required to support the software.


(2)合股机改造成生产单股丝后,产量是普通单股机台的两倍 。生产成本大大降低,可以在合股无捻丝市场淡季时有效提高企业经济效益。

(2) After the joint-stock machine is transformed into a single-strand yarn, the output is twice that of the ordinary single-unit machine. The production cost is greatly reduced, and the economic benefits of the enterprise can be effectively improved in the off-season of the non-twisted silk market.



(3) The quality of the products produced after the transformation is basically the same as that of the single-strand machine. However, since the length of the reeled paper tube is only 142.5mm, the weight of the produced coil is limited, and at the same time, due to the formation of the coil and the conventional products. There are also differences, so it will bring some inconvenience to the customer's use.